Quantitative Results for Confident Decision Making

The OncAlert™ Oral Cancer LAB Test delivers an accurate measure of oral cancer (including oral and oropharyngeal cancer) biomarkers, provides quantitative results and helps support decisions about further diagnostic tests, monitoring, and interventions.

A Test That Is Non-Invasive, Easy to Use and Easy to Interpret

The OncAlert Oral Cancer LAB Test is simple to integrate into any practice for administering to patients who are at risk.
  • Samples are collected in office or clinic for testing at a laboratory
  • Patient-friendly, point-of-care sample collection
  • Easy administration that fits into your office workflow
  • Quantitative and objective results to aid in the early detection of oral cancer

How It Works

This unique test is very specific and sensitive, with high intra- and inter-assay reproducibility.
  • Detects all CD44 isoforms and total protein
  • Provides a quantitative measurement of each of these biomarkers
  • The measurements are reported back to the clinician for use as an aid in diagnosis
  • May reduce the incidence of false positives or false negatives in comparison to a conventional oral exam alone

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The OncAlert Oral Cancer LAB Test is CE Marked and available in select markets outside the United States. This test is not yet available for sale in the U.S.