The First and Only Tests to Identify a Tumor-Initiating and Stem Cell-Associated Biomarker for Oral Cancer

The OncAlert™ Oral Cancer product line is comprised of proprietary tests that detect CD44 and total protein. These tests are optimized for easy use and involve collecting samples via an oral saline rinse. The test results, along with other clinical factors, can aid in the early detection of oral cancer (including oral and oropharyngeal cancer).

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Easy to Use, Easy to Add to Your Practice

The OncAlert Oral Cancer tests are a value-added offering that you can integrate easily into your practice as part of every patient’s regular care. The test results, along with other clinical factors, aid in the early diagnosis of oral cancer.
  • Requires no special training or equipment
  • Can be easily administered by clinicians
  • Combines with a visual and physical exam as part of a regular check-up
    • Is simple and painless for patients
    • Provides easy-to-interpret test results
    • Identifies patients who may need additional follow-up

The accurate, cost-effective tests can benefit every adult, with particular emphasis on at-risk populations for oral cancer (i.e. current and former tobacco users, those who consume excessive alcohol, or people with human papillomavirus).

OncAlert: Improving the Standard of Care

The high sensitivity and specificity of the OncAlert technology reduces the incidence of false positives or false negatives.
Examination Type Sensitivity Specificity
Conventional 64 31-76
OncAlert RAPID 79-95* 53-70*
OncAlert LAB 69-87** 88-96**

* Sensitivity or Specificity is dependent upon selected biomarker threshold.

** Without clinical variables, the OncAlert LAB Test will yield a false negative rate of 15% while the false positive rate is 52%. The biomarker assay performs well in confirming when there is a reasonable suspicion of cancer, but will not effectively assist in the discrimination of more benign processes.

The OncAlert Oral Cancer RAPID Test and the OncAlert Oral Cancer LAB Test are both CE Marked and available in select markets outside the United States. These tests are not yet available for sale in the U.S.


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