Most Adults Who Are at Risk Should Be Tested Annually for Oral Cancer (Including Mouth and Throat)

At Risk For Oral Cancer?

Smoking tobacco
5x-9x increased risk
Smokeless tobacco
15%-60% of users develop lesions
Alcohol use
9x-30x increased risk
Sexual activity
>50% of oral cancers are related to human papillomavirus (HPV)

Source: Oral Cancer Foundation

Early Detection Is Easy and Painless

Oral cancer is often diagnosed too late.  Early detection is critical.

Now, there is an easy and accurate aid for early detection.

The OncAlert™ Oral Cancer Test is painless and take seconds to administer. The test helps aid in the early detection of mouth and throat cancer. With early detection, patients have the opportunity to adjust their lifestyle to mitigate risks.

Early detection can have a tremendous impact for patients and their families. Talk to your healthcare provider about getting tested today!

Reduce Your Risk

Whether your test is positive or negative, it is a good idea to reduce your oral cancer risk. The OncAlert Oral Cancer Test can help you make healthier lifestyle choices.

6 Ways to Reduce Your Risk

  1. Stop using tobacco, vaping and smokeless products
  2. Limit or stop your alcohol consumption
  3. Practice safe sex
  4. Eat a variety of fruits and leafy green vegetables
  5. Engage in good oral health practices
  6. Get regular dental and medical checkups